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Fuel Injectors - Petrol
Fuel Petrol Injectors

Fuel Injectors - Petrol

The fuel injector is a critical component of the modern automobile, responsible for atomizing and injecting fuel into the combustion chamber. The fuel injector, connected to an Electronic Control Unit (ECU), regulates the fuel injection process. The ECU controls the opening and closing of the solenoid valve to inject the fuel in the high-pressure fuel rail into the combustion chamber to ensure efficient combustion. The fuel injector injects atomized fuel directly into the engine’s combustion chamber. This process of delivering fuel to the engine is known as fuel injection.

The fuel injection process helps to provide maximum power while minimizing fuel consumption and reducing pollution. Fuel injectors help reduce emissions by producing a finer fuel droplet spray that burns more efficiently. Electronic fuel injectors are more reliable and efficient than the ones used in the past, making them a popular choice.

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