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Audi A1 A3 1.6 TDI CAYC CAYB CAYA Clutch Kit
  • Audi A1 A3 1.6 TDI CAYC CAYB CAYA Clutch Kit
  • Audi A1 A3 1.6 TDI CAYC CAYB CAYA Clutch Kit
  • Audi A1 A3 1.6 TDI CAYC CAYB CAYA Clutch Kit
  • Audi A1 A3 1.6 TDI CAYC CAYB CAYA Clutch Kit
  • Audi A1 A3 1.6 TDI CAYC CAYB CAYA Clutch Kit

Audi A1 A3 1.6 TDI CAYC CAYB CAYA Clutch Kit


Audi A1 A3 1.6 TDI CAYC CAYB CAYA Clutch Kit

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Audi A1 A3 1.6 TDI CAYC CAYB CAYA Clutch Kit

Delivery Nationwide - Door to Door



A clutch kit is a group of manual transmission parts that are either purchased as a unit or assembled piecemeal. When bought together, a clutch kit will usually consist of a pressure plate, clutch disc, and a release bearing. In certain applications a pilot bearing will be included, and many will also come with an alignment tool of some kind. Some manual transmissions are designed so that the release bearing is an integral part of the slave cylinder, in which case this will often be included as well. Most clutch kits are designed to the same specifications as the original parts, though it is sometimes possible to find a performance or racing kit.

The purpose of a clutch kit is to provide all the necessary parts to repair the clutch on a manual transmission vehicle. Clutch discs are wear items that will eventually need to be replaced, regardless of how carefully a vehicle is driven. While other parts, like the release bearing and pressure plate, may not wear out at the same speed, they may be replaced anyway since removing a transmission is often labor intensive.

In addition to the parts included in many clutch kits, certain other parts may be replaced at the same time. The flywheel, which the clutch disc is typically mounted to by means of a pressure plate, is usually removed and machined as part of a clutch job. In certain circumstances, it may be more economical to simply replace the flywheel, especially if it is cracked or missing teeth from the ring gear. The clutch slave and master cylinders are often replaced as well, as problems with these hydraulic parts may cause a clutch disc to wear out prematurely.


Defective Symptoms

Having a clutch replaced is a costly and labor-intensive proposition, involving separating the transmission from the engine. Driver and passenger safety is paramount; at the same time, it's best to be sure the clutch is really failing, or "slipping," before investing in expensive repair work and a replacement clutch. Fortunately, failing clutches present some distinct symptoms.



Failing clutches are often said to be "slipping," which is exactly the sensation drivers report. The clutch may feel as though it is not fully disengaging or engaging (if the clutch is failing, this is likely accurate). Slippage will be most noticeable when the engine is dealing with a heavy workload, such as when accelerating to pass another vehicle, traveling uphill or pulling a trailer. As the clutch slips, it overheats and incurs additional wear; this not only accentuates the problem but may cause additional damage to the already failing clutch.

Noise and Jerking

While all clutches eventually and inevitably wear down (via the friction they use to exercise control), noise from the clutch and jerking motions can indicate premature failure. This can be caused by oil contamination from several sources: the seal on the main crankshaft, the transmission input shaft or even engine oil. When oil contaminates the clutch facings, they may grab unevenly, causing jerkiness when the clutch is initially engaged. It may also slip when under a heavy workload.

Foul Smell or Burning Odor

When the clutch temperature gets too hot, either caused by the driver "riding the clutch" or driving aggressively, the facings may become overheated and begin to burn, giving off a peculiar odor. If the clutch has no chance to cool, it may be ruined as may the flywheel and/or pressure plate. Once the clutch disc has been worn beyond a certain point, the clutch may begin to slip noticeably.

Master and Slave Cylinders

Sometimes clutch-related problems can actually be the clutch linkage (or other parts) rather than the clutch itself. Many newer automobiles feature master and slave cylinders with internal pistons with seals that can develop leaks; this may result in the clutch failing to disengage fully or even causing it to engage prematurely. Slave cylinders are more likely to leak since they are situated lower than the master and are more likely to see fluid collect and leak through the seals.


Technical Specification

Supplier Reference Numbers used for reference purposes only

Clutch Disk OE - 

Pressure Plate OE - 

Release Bearing or Concentric Slave - 

Clutch Disc Size & Spline Count - 230mm x 28 Spline

Remarks -

Installation Notes - 


Suitable Replacement for - (Including International Vehicles)

Audi A1 A3 1.6 TDI CAYC CAYB CAYA Clutch Kit


Shipping Information

This product qualifies for Free Delivery*

We can ship via Overnight Express* or Economy Freight** - Door to Door

* Overnight refers to locations that are Metropolitan (Metro) areas e.g. Durban, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth, Bloemfontein etc...

**Economy Freight is 2-7 Days – Usually goods that are very heavy or bulky e.g. Body Panels, Engine Parts, Cylinder Heads, Differentials, Gearbox’s, Engine’s etc.

In certain rare instances Overnight Deliveries are delayed due to unforeseen circumstances on the side of the shipping company. Unfortunately, we cannot be held responsible for that.

On Free Delivery purchases you may also send your own courier. This can speed up your delivery. You must plan with us.

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Delivery excludes Weekends and Public Holidays. These can be arranged at Additional Costs.

We take great care when packaging and shipping your goods. Once the goods leave our premises and in the safe custody of our shipping companies; mistakes may happen during transit. Please ensure that when you receive your goods, you inspect it to be free of any damage. Also confirm you have received the correct quantity before signing the shipping company documents.

Please report any damages on the waybill to avoid delays in processing any possible claims.

We ship to all neighbouring countries.

Namibia | Botswana | Swaziland | Zimbabwe | Zambia | Mozambique | Malawi | Kenya and rest of Africa except civil unrest areas.

Above shipping terms do not apply to International Buyers. Please request for a shipping quotation first. International Buyers must please CHECKOUT using the “In Store Collection”. PayPal available for all International Buyers. You can also arrange your own collection from our store.

Insurance not included. Please request insurance if needed.



Please read carefully to make an informed decision.

The warranty is protected by the Consumer Protection Act.

2CT Clutch Kits require expert fitment. Special Tools must be used.

It is highly recommended that this item be fitted by a trained technician who possesses the necessary qualifications. Fitment can also be carried out by an accredited aftermarket repair centre, e.g. RMI accreditation or similar. Repair Technicians must have a qualification and training for the fitment of this specific product and use the correct equipment as specified by the Vehicle Manufacturer. This includes, but not limited to; torque settings, gaskets, specified lubricants, quality consumables, computer aided settings, calibration settings, specified equipment and tools etc.…

This product has a 12 Month Warranty or 30 000km's for Passenger Vehicles and 12 Months or 20 000Km's for Commercial Vehicles; whichever occurs first. If there is a specific label on the product regarding warranty duration; that label will supersede this warranty.
Please make sure this is the correct item before purchasing. Match OE Numbers on the part removed from the vehicle to the part you are purchasing. Seek professional assistance from a qualified mechanical technician before choosing the correct part for your vehicle or contact your local vehicle manufacturers agent to acquire the correct part numbers. If in doubt, please contact us before purchase.

Returns are permitted within guarantee period. Buyer must obtain reference number before returning goods. Returns are subjected to inspection and testing by the relevant supplier or manufacturer before a claim is finalised. All documents related to the fitment must be supplied e.g. Job Card, Odometer Reading, Fitment Centre Accreditation.


Warranty Exclusions

  1. Mishandling during transport and storage
  2. Failure to re-machine single mass flywheels to manufacturer standards
  3. Failure to replace single & mass dual flywheels where this is specifically recommended or required.
  4. Incorrect Fitment
  5. Failure to identify and repair other vehicle faults which may affect correct operation
  6. Failure to use the correct kit as supplied
  7. Incorrect Driving Practice
  8. Fitment to incorrect or unauthorized vehicle applications
  9. Any fitment to a vehicle which has been converted in any way to enhance performance, including but not limited to Turbo Upgrades or “chipping”.
  10. Any motorsport or competitive use
  11. Fitment by an unqualified technician or mechanic. Accreditation will be requested in the event of a claim
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