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Mercedes C-CLASS W202-SERIES C 180 94-MAY 00 WITH 215MM CLUTCH 12.1MM RECESS DMF Dual Mass Flywheel
  • Mercedes C-CLASS W202-SERIES C 180 94-MAY 00 WITH 215MM CLUTCH 12.1MM RECESS DMF Dual Mass Flywheel

Mercedes C-CLASS W202-SERIES C 180 94-MAY 00 WITH 215MM CLUTCH 12.1MM RECESS DMF Dual Mass Flywheel


Mercedes C-CLASS W202-SERIES C 180 94-MAY 00 WITH 215MM CLUTCH 12.1MM RECESS DMF Dual Mass Flywheel

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Mercedes C-CLASS W202-SERIES C 180 94-MAY 00 WITH 215MM CLUTCH 12.1MM RECESS DMF Dual Mass Flywheel

Nationwide Delivery - Door to Door


This is a brand new, affordable OE Specification aftermarket replacement product. 100% Factory tested and built to strict quality control standard to ensure high performance and guaranteed to deliver better fuel economy.



A dual-mass flywheel (DMF or DMFW) is a rotating mechanical device that is used to provide continuous energy (rotational energy) in systems where the energy source is not continuous, the same way as a conventional flywheel acts, but damping any violent variation of torque or revolutions that could cause an unwanted vibration. The vibration reduction is achieved by accumulating stored energy in the two flywheel half masses over a period of time but damped by a series of strong springs, doing that at a rate that is compatible with the energy source, and then releasing that energy at a much higher rate over a relatively short time. A compact dual-mass flywheel often includes the whole clutch, including the pressure plate and the friction disc.


Defective Symptoms

Diagnosing a failing dual mass flywheel can be a little tricky since most of the symptoms could also mean issues with the clutch itself. A definitive assessment will involve visual inspection of all components, but if you have any of these issues, then your flywheel could be the culprit.

Noise. If you hear a lot of rattle or banging sounds from the bell housing, most likely the DMF has failed. These noises can be very loud and it should be replaced as soon as possible.

Slipping. When a clutch is slipping due to wear or otherwise not being up to the capacity to the demand placed on it, you get a burning smell like that of burnt bread and gear oil mixed together. This usually happens first in the higher gears due to the higher gear ratios and increased wind resistance. If you do NOT smell the facings burning up when this is happening, it is your dual mass flywheel that is slipping and it needs to be replaced.

Vibrations. These vibrations can usually be felt on the floor of the car and are due to the failure of the springs and other internal components. This leads directly to the flywheel’s inability to dampen the tremors with use and it must be replaced.

Again, if you have any of these problems, it's time to visually inspect the clutch and flywheel.

Visual Inspection of a Dual Mass Flywheel

  • Check the friction surface for excessive heat checks and scoring. Discard if excessive.
    Check for excessive grease loss due to overheating. The internal springs are packed in grease.
  • Check for visible damage including the ring gear, and other parts found inside the bell housing.
  • Check the rotational free play. Move the secondary plate (the one the pressure plate bolts up to) all the way to the left and mark the gear tooth. Move the plate all the way to the right and mark that gear tooth. There are specifications for each individual dual mass flywheel, but if the left to right play is more than an inch, it’s almost always time to replace it.
  • Check for secondary plate rock. Grab the secondary plate on each side (180 degrees apart) and push one side in and see if the other side comes up. If you are able to rock it, it is no longer serviceable and must be discarded.


Technical Specification


Note 2 - Also Check FLW4134 => THIS DUAL MASS FLYWHEEL - With Timing Gear

Matched to Clutch Kit - RCK3146


Suitable Replacement for - (Including International Vehicles)

Mercedes C-CLASS W202-SERIES C 180 94-MAY 00 WITH 215MM CLUTCH 12.1MM RECESS DMF Dual Mass Flywheel

Nationwide Delivery - Door to Door


Shipping Information

This product qualifies for Free Delivery*

We can ship via Overnight Express* or Economy Freight** - Door to Door

* Overnight refers to locations that are Metropolitan (Metro) areas e.g. Durban, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth, Bloemfontein etc...

**In certain rare instance Overnight Deliveries are delayed due to unforeseen on the side of the shipping company. Unfortunately, we cannot be held responsible for that.

***Economy Freight is 2-7 Days – Usually, goods that are very heavy or bulky e.g. Body Panels, Engine Parts, Cylinder Heads, Differentials, Gearbox’s, Engines etc. Regional areas are more than 50 Km's from a Metropolitan area and can take 1-2 Business Days

Remote areas are more than 100 Km's from Metropolitan areas and can take 3-7 Business Days

Mines, Plots, Farms, Game Reserves, National Parks, Universities and Power Stations are excluded. These require special trips and can attract additional charges. 

Delivery excludes Weekends and Public Holidays. These can be arranged at Special Costs.

We take great care when packaging and shipping your goods. Once the goods leave our premises and in the safe custody of our shipping companies, mistakes may happen during transit. Please ensure that when you receive your goods, you inspect it to be free of any damage. Also, confirm you have received the correct quantity before signing the shipping company documents.

Please report any damages on the waybill to avoid delays in processing claims.

We ship to all neighbouring countries.

Namibia | Botswana | Swaziland | Zimbabwe | Zambia | Mozambique | Malawi | Kenya and rest of Africa except civil unrest areas.

Above shipping terms do not apply to International Buyers. Please request a shipping quotation first. You can also arrange your own collection from our store.



Please read carefully to make an informed decision.

The warranty is protected by the Consumer Protection Act.

It is highly recommended that this item be fitted by a trained technician who possesses’ s the necessary qualifications. Fitment can also be carried out by an accredited aftermarket repair centre, e.g. RMI accreditation or similar. Repair Technicians must have a qualification and training for the fitment of this specific product and use the correct equipment as specified by the Vehicle Manufacturer. This includes, but not limited to; torque settings, gaskets, specified lubricants, quality consumables, computer-aided settings, calibration settings, specified equipment and tools etc.…

This product has a 12 Month Warranty or 30 000KM’s; whichever occurs first. If there is a specific label on the product regarding warranty duration; that label will supersede this warranty.

Please make sure this is the correct item before purchasing. Match OE Numbers on the part removed from the vehicle to the part you are purchasing. Seek professional assistance from a qualified mechanical technician before choosing the correct part for your vehicle or contact your local vehicle manufacturers agent to acquire the correct part numbers. If in doubt, please contact us before purchase.

Returns are permitted within the guarantee period. Buyer must obtain a reference number before returning goods. Returns are subjected to inspection and testing by the relevant supplier or manufacturer before a claim is finalised. All documents related to the fitment must be supplied e.g. Job Card, Odometer Reading, Fitment Centre Accreditation.

Some manufacturers do not accept returns on automotive electrical products. These products have been rigorously tested and passed quality assurances prior to leaving the factory. Electrical Products are extremely sensitive. Some vehicles may have existing Electronic or Electrical Degradation within the Electrical Framework of the vehicle which may cause irreparable damage to the new part; upon fitment. Detailed Diagnostics must be supplied acknowledging that a specific part is faulty prior to purchase of the new part and not just generic fault codes indicating a cluster of parts may be faulty. Fault codes from palm-held diagnostic machines are not accepted. Please make sure you understand this prior to purchase.

Terms and conditions apply.



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